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Rotary Plow Feeders - Continued

Rotary Plow Feeder

How the Storage and Plow Feeder Reclaim Systems Works

A traveling stacker, tripper, or shuttle conveyor discharges the incoming material to the storage pile above the reclaim conveyor and rotary plow feeder. The stocking system can either be an open structure or one that completely encloses the storage pile.

The use of a traveling stacker eliminates the need for an "A" frame structure. Should covered storage be required, however, a separate building can be provided that encloses both the storage pile and the stacker.

The Plow Feeder System that Handles more than One Type or Kind of Material

Separation of incoming materials, irrespective of quantity, is handled easily by the plow feeder systems. Through selective positioning of the stockpiling equipment, incoming materials are deposited in separate sections of the storage area. Using the ThyssenKrupp Robins patented retractable arm plow feeder, the desired stored material can be reclaimed independently without disturbing any of the other materials in the storage pile.


When material is reclaimed from separate storage piles of uniform analysis in varying proportions by individual feeders, the desired product mix will result.

Reclaim Control

Varying the plow rotor speed controls the output tonnage of the rotary plow feeder. Building numerous adjustable speed drives into the machine allows specific requirements to be met. Most economical is the mechanical, variable speed drive, as it requires only local manual adjustment. As an added feature, remote control capability from a central control point can be built into the rotary plow feeder to accommodate rotor speed adjustments .

Advantages of the System

First in, first out - as well as 100% live storage - virtually eliminates the danger of spontaneous combustion when handling materials such as coal. The long slot-type opening in the tunnel wall and the undercutting action of the rotary plow feeder eliminate the material bridging and rat-holing often experienced with other types of feeders.

When a single plow feeder is required to reclaim the entire storage pile, rather than multiple fixed feeders, equipment cost is reduced.

Adaptable to a variety of materials and weather conditions, the plow feeder can be used where other machinery has failed. Because the rotating arms of the machinery physically undercut the pile of material and draw it out to the reclaim conveyor, the plow feeder does not depend on gravity alone to create the material flow.